Smartphone pranks that you must try

Smartphone pranks that you must try

We spend a lot of time with our smartphones. So, it is the best place for pranks. Ordinary pranks are simply said, old. However, there are many smartphone pranks that everybody can manage. They are simple and they are free. But, they are extremely funny.
1.    We all know how annoying when we have problems with a mouse cursor is. Now imagine that you are chasing it on the screen. You can do this with a help of Remote Mouse. It is a free app that can be downloaded on Google Play and App Store. Download the app on your computer as well. Connect two devices and wait for someone to use a computer. All you need to do is to move the computer cursor on the screen.
2.    Many people like cars. They worry about them as well. So, if you have a friend who loves his car, you need an app called Dude, Your Car! All you need to do is to take a photo of someone’s car and add a few special effects. Show the photo to your friend and watch the reaction. However, this isn’t a free app. It cost $09.
3.    iFool is an interesting app for iPhone users. It can make the screen look like it is cracked. Also, it can make sound while a smartphone sleeps. The same app for Android users is called Crack Your Screen Prank. Just download it to a friend’s phone, install it an activate it. Try to do this when your friends just bought a new phone. If the phone was expensive, he will be upset. After an hour or two you can tell him that it was just a prank. 



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