Sony Smartwatch 3 Stainless Steel Edition

Sony Smartwatch 3 Stainless Steel Edition

A few years ago we used small phones. They were 2-3 times smaller than today phones. Then, we start using big phones. So, it looks like we are going to use the bigger gadget in the future. Well, we won't! Since the first models of smartwatches appeared, they became very popular! Honestly, they aren’t extremely needed, but it seems like people like buying new and interesting gadgets.

Recently Sony announced a new Stainless Steel edition of their Smartwatch 3. The last, silicone edition went on sale last year. The only difference between these two smartwatches is their design.

Everything rest is the same. So, new stainless steel also has Android 5.0, LCD display, memory storage and GPS. You can control the watch with your gestures, voice or touch. There will be available a holder kit, which will allow the users to use removable core with 24mm watch strap. There will be available only two colors, brown and black. If you already have a Sony Smartwatch 3, in early spring you will be able to buy new steel and leather straps that will freshen up the look of your gadgets. By buying this smartwatch, you will get a free access to the Todoist Premium productivity app, for 6 months.

The Smartwatch 3, has 6/10 score in a Trusted Review's test. The original Smartwatch 3 was dull and ordinary, but the new Stainless Steel edition will fix this problem. These smartwatches are incredibly popular. Last year, when Android announced their Android wear, 720.000 units were sold in 24 hours! Some people believe that Sony will have a better result, but I honestly don’t believe that. The price of Sony Stainless Steel 3 smartwatch is $300.

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