Can't bear to introduce a wellspring to zest up the garden? Improve the Water and Light Lawn Show, a forge blower with inherent light impacts that transforms a past exhausting yard into an exhibition. 

This is a sprinkler that throws a shading, changing shower and transforms your yard into a gleaming water and light show. As water moves through the sprinkler, it impels a turbine generator that powers the shading, changing LEDs and pressurizes the water, delivering a fine fog that moves from red to blue to green to yellow to purple. The fog is delicate on bloom petals and seedlings and it won't pool or make keep running off. 

The Water And Light Lawn Show. This is the mister that throws a shading, changing shower that consistently moves from red to blue to green to yellow to purple. It would appear that enjoyment on a hot summer night. 

We're speculating this will make for a brilliant open air showcase amid night parties, and additionally favor diversion when you're stoned out of your minds amid one insane night.



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