What is Pearl RearVision?

What is Pearl RearVision?

Remember the last time you got into this super cool car of a friend of your parents that had a rear-view camera that allowed him to park more easily? There was a screen on the car’s dashboard that showed if the space was good enough to park and it basically was a video of whatever was behind the car. It was some cool tech you wished you had. 

If your car does not have such rear-facing cameras, there is great news for you! Three former Apple engineers started a new company three weeks ago. The company, named Pearl, already introduced their new product, Rear Vision.  This is basically a rear camera that anyone can install on their license plates.  The product is totally waterproof and is installed as a license plate frame.

How it works?

The whole Pearl RearVision includes the camera frame, a car adapter, and a phone mount.  The frame is easy to install.  To avoid theft, RearVision comes with a special security screw tool. In addition, the Camera Frame is paired with the Car Adaptor and they cannot work independently.

The installation of the frame is rather easy.  The adapter is plugged into your car´s OBD port and connects the cameras to the Pearl app on your phone. The application is compatible for iPhone 5 and newer running iOS 9 (or newer) and select Android phones with Bluetooth. 

The Camera Frame has a small solar panel at the bottom, so the system is self-powered.  The phone magnetic mount provided is suitable for iPhone and Android and is clipped to the vent or dash. With these easy installations, Pearl RearVision turns your phone into a rear-view camera. 

The product is only available in the United States and will start shipping in September. Preorders can be made through the product´s website.   The cost is $499. 


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