Charming robot for sale

Charming robot for sale

It seems like robots are our future because they will be able to do some things instead of us, will replace humans in different companies and why not be some kind of friend for people who are lonely or simply want to have a robot as their companion.
One of the most popular robots in the world is Pepper who is ready for sale for people in Japan.
People who had a chance to see him said that he is quite entertaining and that he can cheer us up and make us laugh.
This amazing robot is like the human-like robot and you can buy him if you live in Japan. Even though this robot is quite limited when it comes to his performances, people are amazed by him and are very interested in buying this robot.
He was created by a company called Aldebaran and is currently available only in Japan, but it is just for now.
According to his creators this cute thing can read our emotions and it is like the first personal robot.
People who have created this robot are hoping that the world will accept these humanoid robots and they hope that they will become something completely normal in our everyday lives.
This robot can dance a little bit, he can also take a selfie and what is good about him is that he is smart enough so you don’t have to worry about running into him all the time, which was something other robots couldn’t do before.
Pepper is acting like majority of people. He likes when he is being praised and he can also raise his voice.
Don’t expect from him to do your chores, clean your house and other things, because he will not do it.

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