Fitbit Stole Our Data: Jawbone

Fitbit Stole Our Data: Jawbone

Fitbit, which Jawbone sees as it’s main rival is being sued by the company for stealing some very sensitive and commercial data. According to the lawsuit, the technology based firm is being sued for stealing very critical information and in addition to that they are also being accused by Jawbone for poaching its staff as well as stealing intellectual property.

A lawsuit filed in San Francisco alleges that an employee of Jawbone stole secret information and took it to Fitbit using a flash disk. As for Fitbit, they state that they are “not aware” any secret information from Jawbone making its way into the firm. They went on to add that they will be “working vigorously” to defend themselves against any charges that they are faced with in regards to this matter.

The tech based company, Fitbit, issued out a statement stating that there is no need for them to steal any information regardless of whatever matter. Here is what the statement said;   
“As the pioneer and leader in the connected health and fitness market, Fitbit has no need to take information from Jawbone or any other company.”

Fitbit, which has made its name in the market thanks to its smart wearable devices that can be able to record a person’s health information, launched its first sale of shares earlier this month in which the firm hopes it will be able to raise at least $100 million.

In its lawsuit, Jawbone firm has named Fitbit as well as five other employees who used to work for Jawbone. The firm also believes that in addition to the five, other 10 employees were also involved in the incident.


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