Effects of Modern Gadgets On The Development Of Children

Effects of Modern Gadgets On The Development Of Children

There is no doubt whatsoever that there is an increase in the time that children spend with various gadgets, in fact a report by the Kaiser Family Foundation indicates that kids spend at least 7 hours on gadgets on a day-to-day basis. That said, kids are bound to be affected by this gadgets and as a result it is highly recommended that a parent takes charge and ensure their kids spend less time with gadgets. In our previous we have already touched on a number of effects caused by use of gadgets by toddlers and in this article we will be picking where we left off.

Sleep Deprivation

Children who tend to spend most of their time looking at their phones or even their tablets tend to miss out sleep. Most of the time these children usually depend on their video games to sleep and without them they cannot sleep, in other words video games become their sleeping pills. It is encouraged that you talk to your toddlers on the importance of sleep.

By allowing your kids to spend most of their time in front of screens playing video games or even on their tablets, you will be helping them get addicted. It is advised that you encourage your kid to go out often. By doing this you will be helping them learn more about nature. In general video games are very addictive and that’s why it is encouraged that you try to limit the time your toddler plays his video games.

Damaged Eyesight
Being exposed to computer or video games for a long time tends to strain the eyes of a toddler or even an adult. According to some experts, people who tend to have good eyesight tend to stare at things that are at varying distances. There are various researches that have shown that children who tend to play more video games have poor eyesight.




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