When they say technology touches all ages, they truly mean just that. With all the advancements that we have made you might be fooled to think that there are no good gadgets for your little one due to the fact that many companies are keen on impressing the youths with highly impressive tablets, Smartphones and even high-horse powered hardware, but that’s not the case.
They are nice gadgets which are specifically designed and created for your little ones which are bound to make them laugh or even teach them about the world.
Below are some interesting gadget gifts your kids will definitely love;
1. High School Musical Digital Mix Stick MP3 Player (ages 8 to 14)
There is a high chance that your daughter at some point has watched the high school musical and is obsessed with it. With that in mind, your daughter will definitely love this Disney's High School Musical Digital Mix Stick MP3 Player which has an onboard memory of up to 512 MB. In addition to that it is able to support WMA as well as MP3 formats.
2. Mattel U.B Funkeys (ages 8 & up)
These are cute collectable fingerings from Mattel that your daughter is without a doubt going to fall in love with. The U.B. Funkeys, when connected to the computer, will unlock a secret virtual world known as “Terrapinia.” The starter kit of this incredible features two Funkeys and the U.B. Funkeys hub.
3. WowWee Flytech Barry B. Benson (ages 8 & up)
This gadget is based on a DreamWorks character known as WowWee. The WowWee is regarded as one busy bee as it’s the first of its kind. The WowWee is the world’s first flying radio controlled bee.


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