Gaming “junkie” wants to protect kids from gadgets

Gaming “junkie” wants to protect kids from gadgets

Now we live in a world where it is all about technology, different gadgets and games. We do not say that they aren’t useful for us, but sometimes we become too addicted to them.
As adults we can try to control our “addiction” by doing something else and simply admitting that we have a problem, but when you are a kid,  parents usually cannot explain you why something is or isn’t good for you.

That’s why Muhamad Nur Awaludin decided to develop a child protection application, and if you don’t know the reason, we will explain you now.
Unfortunately he was a gaming junkie for so many years. He said that he could play a game for days, non-stop because he simply couldn’t imagine a day without it.
Awaludin added that he didn’t even get a chance to talk to his parents, because he “didn’t have” enough time for them.

He said that back then his parents were only a money machine to him, because he would talk to them only when he needed the money.
He continued with this behavior even when he entered university. Sadly, his parents didn’t live to see him graduate, because both of them passed away.
Awaludin then realized that people, especially kids tend to spend too much time on games, forgetting people they love.

That’s why he created Kakatu that has limited access to other application and what is even better it will inform parents about different ways they can make sure their kid is not playing games for too long.
Parents can also set a timer just to allow their kids to play with any gadget for a certain period of time.
When the time is up, the phone/tablet will be locked.



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