The NeoBear AR Globe

The NeoBear AR Globe

The world is moving at a very fast pace when it comes to technology.  Almost every single aspect of our lives is somehow affected by technology and tech advances.  Kids are no exception to this as toys are created with modern tech in order to make them suitable for millennial kids’ demands. One very innovative example of this is NeoBear’s AR Globe.

Augmented reality is a technological feature that has become very popular recently.  This new toy from NeoBear is an Earth Globe with augmented reality.  It is educational and very appealing to the young minds as it takes advantage of AR to provide a more vivid experience.

With the aid of a mobile device, kids are able to see many aspects of the planet, including buildings, territories, and even natural disasters. NeoBear´s AR Globe makes use of spherical recognition and tracking technology and puts it together with 3D technology to bring the globe into a whole new level of learning and 3D modeling.

Through the augmented reality feature, kids will also be able to experience the Solar System and how the other planets move in the universe.

NeoBear, the Chinese company that developed this toy, believes that technical improvements in toys with AR is urgent and that it is also necessary for the upgrading of an industrial structure to happen. With this premise, they introduced the AR Globe to meet the demands that technological advances have brought about.

The AR Globe has several other features that make the toy interesting and appealing:

  • AR interaction that makes the experience even more real for kids
  • 3D animation to explain concepts in a visually-appealing format
  • Human voice narration
  • A multisensory interactive experience that ensure immersion and significant learning

The release of the toy represents a milestone in the future development of AR and its implementation for the benefit of children´s education.  

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