What is the Multi Voice Changer for kids?

What is the Multi Voice Changer for kids?

The Multi Voice Changer for kids is another exciting toy for children. They are free to experiment with different voice sounds. These sounds are electronic synthesizers and may produce up to 10 different voices.

The toy has buttons to adjust the volume, the frequency, and the amplitude so the kids can have a blast! Children make it a game by playing with a friend who also has a multi voice changer. Some just use it to crack some jokes in different voices. There are reviews that comment on how children have been playing with it non-stop and have found different ways to play together. The toy makes an ideal gift for kids who love to pretend and make believe. It is the kind of toy that encourages kids to stretch their imagination and be very creative.

Other effects of this toy include flashy LED lights that blink and change color according to the voice that is being modulated. There are just so many combinations you can make with this one toy. You can hold the toy very close to your mouth and hold the lever as you speak.

You can even test the toy while it is still in the package. 

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