A New Robot Is On The Rise

A New Robot Is On The Rise

A new robot has just been released to the community. The name of this robot is Chimp. Chimp stands almost five feet high, and he is heavy, too. His main purpose is to respond to any type of disaster situation. 

Like a regular human being, Chimp can hear. When he hears items falling, he races to them. He has two hands that can pick up and type of items that fall on the ground. He also knows when everything is in order to leave the scene. 

This robot has been tested in various construction areas. Pipes and metals fell, and Chimp was there in a hurry to pick everything up. Chip can work for everyone, so it does not matter if the owner of this robot speaks English or not. 

Many spectators cannot wait for Chimp to come onto the market. The price for Chimp has not been se yet, but it is expected to be high. Chimp can also be charged, and many things Chimp does will not take energy off of his processor. 

People in the robot industry believe this is a success. This is the first robot that truly mirrors a human being. This robot also has many other amazing features, too. 

Mothers around the world also spoke out regarding this robot. Mothers believe this will be a great help around the house, and this will be a great help when it comes to doing construction work around the house, too. Mothers also have said this will be the ultimate Mother’s Day present. 


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